You and the community are like one big team. You can help them, and they can help you back. Doing service and helping people is a privilege.  

~Erickson, Grade 7

Mentorship Programs

Three generations of peer mentors!
Three generations of peer mentors!

Mentoring takes three forms at
The San Miguel School.

Peer Mentoring:

Every incoming fifth-grader is assigned an eighth-grade mentor who supports him through the first year of school at San Miguel.

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Adult Mentoring:

Individuals from the community are paired with a student to support and mentor him one-on-one. Mentors commit to visiting their student mentee once a week during the student's lunch hour and often offer encouragement at sports games, Awards Luncheons, and other student-centered events.

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Providence College Mentoring Program:

This program matches 20 Providence College students with 20 San Miguel students for out-of-school shared experiences. In addition to the mentoring component, The Providence College Mentoring Program brings students to the PC campus to get a taste of college life and to encourage the pursuit of higher education. 

In 2012, we saw a new "first" as one of our graduates returned as a Providence College mentor!