Enrichment through challenging academics
Enrichment through challenging academics

Concern for all of the environments that impact learning and achievement is a core characteristic of San Miguel's programming. The small school population creates a structured and nurturing environment with high expectations and rigorous academics. Academic programs include a strong emphasis on literacy with a double literacy block during each school day.

Vigorous academics focus on high achievement, and caring adults address individual needs and close academic deficits. Attention to the varied talents and interests of the ‘whole boy'-intellectual, athletic, artistic, moral and spiritual - during the school day and in our extended day program connects our boys to their school and to adults with confidence in their future.

Achievements are celebrated and community service is required as their San Miguel education helps them to develop a strong sense of personal and community responsibility and achieve to their fullest potential.

Our model leads to students making great academic strides while also developing a strong sense of community and personal responsibility. Students leave San Miguel with the tools for charting their educational and vocational path and a vision for their own future that is crucial for their transition from school to whatever career they choose to pursue.

Parental involvement is a key element of our program. Parents and families consistently meet our expectation of 100% attendance at each of three parent/teacher conferences during the year. The caring and sensitivity of our staff and faculty builds the trust and commitment from families that creates a support system critical to the success of our students.

For more information about the San Miguel curriculum, contact Carol Soltys, Academic Dean, at (401) 467-9777 x114.