Students learn the basics of computer coding
Students learn the basics of computer coding

Students join others worldwide in learning computer coding

In line with San Miguel's continued focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programming, students participated in "The Hour of Code" the week of December 9, better preparing them for future careers and an increasingly technology-driven world. 

"The Hour of Code," a worldwide initiative led by entrepreneur Hadi Partovi, was founded in an attempt to introduce as many students as possible to computer science. Recognizing that nearly one million jobs remain empty because there are not enough trained computer coders, Partovi joined forces with luminaries such as Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook), Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), President Obama, Chris Bosch (Miami Heat) and numerous others to create "The Hour of Code" and to promote the development of coding skills. No longer reserved for a select few, the ability to write code is an important skill which can be applied to virtually any job, opening opportunities to many that may not have been previously considered.

According to San Miguel Instructional Technology Specialist Ted MacDonald, the assumption has long been held that writing computer code was too "hard" and reserved for geniuses; It is not. "Coders need to be patient, creative, and determined, qualities that our Miguel Men already possess," said MacDonald.

Students were given the chance to view video tutorials before beginning to write actual computer code. Specifically, according to MacDonald, the students learned "the basics of code structure to help the Angry Bird capture the nasty pigs. Students spent close to two hours coding in the San Miguel lab with several students continuing after class. Lessons in coding will continue at San Miguel through its afterschool Technology Club, led by MacDonald, which will begin in January.

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