San Miguel students aim to 'stop the violence'


Students aim to ‘stop the violence'

PROVIDENCE--In line with the Lasallian mission to break the cycle of poverty through education, students at The San Miguel School are ‘fighting' back against the violence in their neighborhoods-and they want their call for change to be heard.

A project initiated by San Miguel, the school will host a ‘Stop the Violence' summit dedicated to ending violence in schools, homes, and communities. The conference will ultimately result in the drafting of a ‘Stop the Violence Manifesto,' written by the students to be presented to Mayor David Cicilline as a proposal for promoting peace, a document of concern from a generation that wants a voice.

The event, to be held on May 15, will feature workshops moderated by local law enforcement officials, educators, social workers, and non-violence activists. The workshops will be highlighted by a keynote address given by Chief of Police Dean Esserman as well as small group discussions to identify the individual problems in the community and propose possible solutions.

All San Miguel students will participate in the full-day conference, joined by student representatives from Paul Cuffee School, Sophia Academy, Community Prep, and LaSalle Academy's Pegasus program. Representatives from the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence will also participate in planning and implementing the event.

The ‘Stop the Violence Manifesto' will serve as a basis for future non-violence activism within the participating schools and agencies. Those involved in the summit hope that the conference will help launch a crusade against neighborhood crime and violent activity as well as solidify the partnership between schools and organizations in promoting positive change.

"Even though some may think that the violence will never go away, we hope others will be inspired to try to make a change."

          -Darryl, SMS 2009, Stop the Violence Student Committee