The San Miguel 'Shooting Stars'
The San Miguel 'Shooting Stars'

San Miguel basketball season off to a strong start

For San Miguel basketball coach Taysha Paulo, the measure of the team's success has never been the numbers on the scoreboard.

"What we teach them is that it's more important to play as a team and to always give it their best," said Coach Paulo, who coaches the 'Shooting Stars' with fifth-grade teacher Karen Carty. "That's when the game stays fun and becomes a life skill."

But when teamwork and positive effort are accompanied by a winning record, morale is bound to skyrocket.

Now in the third week of the season, the 'Shooting Stars' have a record of 3-1, with strong victories over Rocky Hill, Pennfield, and Barrington. Although the top scorers have been team veterans--mostly seventh- and eighth-graders--the team always makes sure that the younger players get time on the court. Each "W" is truly the effort of the entire group.

The team hopes that its current three-game winning streak will continue to stretch into more victories, but if not, they know they'll still be winners. "We're more than just a team; we're brothers, and we'll still have each other in the end," said seventh-grade co-captain Tyrell. "That's something none of the other teams have."


Record (as of Jan. 27)

1/12/10 vs Community Prep (L) 22-41

1/14/10 vs Rocky Hill School (W) 45-26

1/21/10 vs Pennfield School (W) 50-28

1/26/10 vs Barrington Christian Academy (W) 38-17