Chris Rivas, SMS 2008
Chris Rivas, SMS 2008

Graduate Spotlight: Chris Rivas (SMS 2008)

San Miguel graduate Chris Rivas (SMS 2008), currently a senior at The Met in Providence, is returning to his alma mater once a week as a physical education intern this year.

The lessons Chris learned as a San Miguel student—teamwork, effort, and sportsmanship—come full-circle as he teaches these values to his "younger brothers." With hopes of attending Rhode Island College next year to study physical education, Chris’s experience as an intern at San Miguel is putting him on the right path to being an effective teacher.

"Working with Mrs. Paulo has shown me that being a great teacher means paying attention to every kid and seeing what his needs are as an individual. Physical education is more than just sports—it is learning to respect your teammates and opponents, practicing sportsmanship, and keeping a positive attitude as you learn to have faith in yourself. Being a Miguel Man myself makes me a better teacher."

~Chris Rivas, SMS 2008