The San Miguel Class of 2013
The San Miguel Class of 2013

Farewell to the Class of 2013

The San Miguel School bid farewell to the Class of 2013 at commencement exercises on June 7. 

The 16 graduates will be heading to some of the best high schools in New England in the fall: 13 are going to private high schools, two to charter schools, and one to Classical High School. Of those going to private high schools, 11 will be attending Lasallian schools. 

The graduation address was given by Class of 2009 graduate Christian Garcia, who recently graduated from La Salle Academy and will be attending St. John's University in the fall.

The Class of 2013 speaker, Jefferson Pun, received a standing ovation for his farewell speech. Jefferson will attend St. Raphael Academy.


"The time has come. For me, and I'm sure for all of my classmates, these four years have gone by way too quickly. Mainly because we have all become a part of this big family.

I would say that every year had its own journey. Fifth grade was a time of fitting into this unique and fascinating school. Sixth grade was the year of finding different ways to succeed in academics and to get organized. Seventh grade, I have to say, was challenging, mostly because Ms. W. wanted to push us past our limits. Eighth grade has been taking all that we have learned and using it to prepare ourselves for high school.

Which brings me to my next subject: high school. After summer, we, all 16 of us, will begin a new chapter in our lives. Everyone is going down a different path: La Salle, St. Rays, Classical, and many others. We all knew we would reach this point one way or another. But as happy as we are to move on, it is very sad to leave. 

These four years were an adventure, a journey that made me the man I am today. Sure, I had some downs. I struggled. I landed on my face a couple of times. I had F's, but I'm glad for them. I had to endure my difficulties. I had to conquer my challenged and learn from them, not to learn and forget about them, but to use what I learned to my advantage. In life, there are always troubles and challenges you will run into. You'll either do nothing about them, or you'll find a solution to it. So for me, giving up is not an option.  

This year, the 20th anniversary of San Miguel School, was a year to remember. This year's basketball team won the championship for the second time in two years. It was the first time in San Miguel School history that we did that. We were the first class to have the San Miguel shirt and tie uniform. This year, we started having ice cream on Fridays. This year, we started technology class, which is essential in the world we live in today. And something else: my class is the last to know the old school on Carter Street. For some reason, it makes me feel special to be the last class to know what the past of this school looked like.

I'm really going to miss everyone: teachers, friends, the brotherhood, the atmosphere...the things San Miguel taught me, like shaking hands, eye contact, asking people how their day is going. The things that will carry me through life. Isn't that San Miguel's goal? To make their students into successful young men?

With our class, the goal was reached. We will no longer be in this building, no longer in this uniform, but out there in the world, in the high schools we have chosen, and we will carry ourselves as San Miguel Men, just as this school taught us to be.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for listening to my farewell speech."

~Jefferson Pun, Class of 2013 Graduation Address