Eighth-grader reminisces about his San Miguel experience

"Graduation day will be a day that I will never forget, the day that I move on from this school, which holds such a big part in my heart, and enter the 'real world.' It is a day characterized by sadness, but at the same time happiness and achievement. I am sad to be leaving a place that was the center of many days in my life for the last four years. It is a place where I entered with an elated smile when I was much smaller in the fifth grade, to now, when I leave proud of who I am and what I have made of myself. And that satisfaction is only proof of the work that The San Miguel School and its staff and teachers do. They not only teach, but touch a student's heart, and open a mind. Thank you for turning me into the young man I am--and am so proud to be today.

I think about my younger years at San Miguel, when I was a fifth-grader not really understanding how this small school worked and being in such a different environment than what I was used to. Today, I look back and am able to come to the conclusion that this environment was perfect for me. It allowed me to shine, to be the star I wanted to be, to help out my peers and younger brothers. It allowed me to find gifts that I never knew I had. It allowed me to come out of my little 'shell' and enjoy coming to school and opening a textbook knowing I was going to learn something new. It changed me as a person...

Thank you to this magnificent school. Words cannot describe the effect it has on its students. It is a school that does more than just teach middle school children, but transforms them into leaders and a shining star wherever they go. And with that, I am proud to soon be a San Miguel graduate."

-Christian, Class of 2009, La Salle Academy '13


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